Enefit Oil Shale


Scott Sommerdorf | Salt Lake Tribune file photo

  • Oil shale reserves in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming are estimated to contain 800 billion barrels of oil.
  • Oil shale is among the dirtiest feedstock for oil on the planet in terms of
     carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Enefit holds a research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) lease in the Uintah Basin of Utah adjacent to the Colorado border. If they prove commercial viability, the stage is set to expand operations to encompass thousands of acres for mountaintop removal style strip mining and onsite processing.
  • The immense amounts of water needed for processing oil shale would come from the already drought stressed and overused Colorado River Basin.

We can’t let this industry take hold in Utah.

  • Enefit’s “South Project”, as proposed, would involve the strip mining of over 9,000 acres of land and the construction and operation of a 50,000 barrel per day oil shale retort facility. This project requires, among other things, a right-of-way (ROW) across BLM land for utilities—19 miles of water supply pipeline, 8 miles of natural gas supply pipeline, 10 miles of oil product line, 29 miles of powerlines, and 5 miles of upgrading to Dragon Road.

A decision on the right of way may be coming as soon as early July. This right of way through public land is in effect a subsidy to the oil shale industry, decreasing expenses tremendously and making the likelihood of demonstrating commercial viability greater.

In the news:
Decision on shale project right of way may be made in early July– Dennis Webb, The Daily Sentinel, May 22 2018.

For more on the project and how to comment, visit go.usa.gov/csa9j.

Details on Enefit’s Project and Impacts-from Western Resource Advocates
Details on Oil Shale and Tar Sands -from Western Resource Advocates



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