PR Spring Update

Sept 2017

US Oil Sands files for bankruptcy. It’s assets have gone into receivership in order to pay off outstanding debts. It is unclear what that means for the future of mining on the PR Spring Site. It is possible that the equipment will be pieced out and sold and then the mine reclaimed, or another company could by it and continue mining. We will try to keep you updated.

Read more: Moab Times-Independent – Facing losses US Oil Sands mining company goes into receivership



Newly mined tar sands standing by for processing, April 8th 2017

April 10th, 2017

We visited the mine this weekend. There was no work actually happening, probably because it was the weekend, but here is what we saw:

  • Mining of ore had been happening on what folks were calling the Children’s Legacy Camp. The land was stripped, overburden moved, and ore being scraped up.
  • The ore has been crushed and piled near the processing facility (as pictured above)
  • There is a constant sound of machinery coming from the plant, perhaps they are starting to process the ore. The sound could be described as a constant whirring, “woosh wooosh woosh….” Day and night.
  • At night there are well over 50 giant super bright lights in the processing facility. They are on all major machinery and ringing the perimeter. These lights can be seen from the bottom of the valley down at PR Spring.

Tar sands processing facility at PR Spring. Notice the pile of ore ready to be processed. April 8, 2017




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