Public Hearing on Grand County’s proposals for the Bishop Process

Wednesday April 23rd
6:00 PM at the Grand Center (182 N. 500 W.)BookCliffTarSandsOilShale

Now is the time to have your voice heard! It’s very important that we all show up to this meeting to tell the County Council that none of their alternatives is good enough. It looks like the Council is catering to industry at the expense of residents health, well being, and against our wishes. Let’s show them who they are supposed to be representing!

In all three of the County’s proposal is an area set aside to build a highway through the Book Cliffs. Exercising our power as a county to stop this “Hydrocarbon Highway” from connecting tar sands mines to a refinery in Green River is crucial. This is our last legal opportunity to intervene in the extraction of the world’s dirtiest fuel, tar sands.

SUWA points out:
Unfortunately, even the best alternative (Alternative #3) proposed by the Working Committee would roll back environmental protection in Grand County.

Protects just over half (58%, or 484,446 acres) of the proposed wilderness in Grand County — and then riddles that “protected wilderness” with ORV routes.
Would punch a hole through the heart of the Book Cliffs — one of the largest remaining roadless areas in the lower 48 states — to build a “Hydrocarbon Highway” for fossil fuels extraction.

Leaves open to oil and gas drilling the entire viewshed east of Arches National Park, including the world-famous view from Delicate Arch, and allows oil and gas drilling and potash mining on the rim of Labyrinth Canyon (upstream from Spring Canyon).

Supports continued off-road vehicle abuse and offers zero concessions on ORV routes designated in the Bush-era BLM travel plan.

Fails to protect Moab’s watershed.

Prohibits the use of the Antiquities Act in Grand County — the same act that was used by three different presidents to protect what is now Arches National Park.

Alternatives 1 & 2 are even worse.


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