Tar Sands Spring Science Campout

Join us for a family friendly camp out in the Book Cliffs on the weekend of April 12th & 13th.

Rainbow over the Tar SandsWe encourage especially Scientist, students, and nature enthusiasts on this particular outing.

We will be hiking around area leased for tar sands mining, doing stream flow monitoring, water sampling,  bird and plant cataloging, and monitoring “progress” on the active mine and road. There will be discussions about strategic resistance and opportunities to network with folks from other areas in the region.

We will camp at PR Spring, a BLM campground on the Tavaputs Plateau **

Be prepared for high elevation camping and bring your own food. The weather is tumultuous this time of year, so be prepared for anything (snow, foot deep mud, wind, hail, or HEAT!)  There is a spring at the camp area. 4WD is necessary, though there are options to car pool with someone going up already.

**RSVP for detailed directions and carpooling options! email canyoncountryrisingtide@gmail.com or call Sarah at 435 260 8557

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